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Rumor has it they removed him and Annie from the movies for their own safety. They’re already leaving happily ever after elsewhere..oh wait.



It’s that time again! BSI Weekend is approaching in January and this is a SAVE THE DATE and a CALL FOR FANWORKS of our charity ball!

This year it is a Sussex Retirement theme aka 1920s! We want BEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!

The Daintiest (Bee) Under Your Bonnet Charity Ball
Sussex Flapper Party to benefit Wounded Warrior Project
At 8:00 pm January 8th Following the BSI Distinguished Speaker Lecture

The Players Club
16 Gramercy Park South
$45/ticket for Buffet, Goodie Bags, Live Piano, Quiz & Costume Competition with Prizes, Live Auction

Tickets will be released very soon, and we will update everyone when they finally go up on all our social media sites.

Now, as I’m sure you know by now, 100% of proceeds from the Ball go to benefit wounded veterans.

We are requesting if any of you fine citizens of the internet are inclined to clean out any Sherlockian-oriented closets or donate original pieces of art and crafts, we would be thrilled and honored to accept donations to our live and silent auctions. 

The cause could not be more important, and we’ve been lucky enough to raise $8,000 in the past two years for our wounded war heroes through the amazing Wounded Warrior Project, and that effort depends on your generosity and the generosity of folk who might hear about this drive from you!

Shipping becomes very difficult during the holiday season.  So if anyone has an item to contribute or a suggestion to make, we’re all ears, and will promptly give you our mailing address or collect the object at a Sherlockian event in the NYC area.

Please email Lyndsay at lyndsay@bakerstreetbabes.com with any offers of items, art, or crafts with a Sherlockian theme.

Super thanks to mdsora for the gorgeous graphic!

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1029. Muggleborns that own cats are thrilled to find out that there is a spell to keep the liter box clean and fresh smelling, but aren’t thrilled that they can’t use that spell over the summer.

Benedict Cumberbatch + The making of.

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We all have a choice, Katniss.

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The Adventure of The Blue Carbuncle, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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my chooks when you let then out too late

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He’s holding is little hands like, “umm kind sir I’m back… i… is it ok if I get some more nuts? If not that’s ok I’m just hungry” 

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Some favourite costumes from the current Hamburg production: 

1. The Slavegirl costumes. Made of rather dark velvet, very often heavy on the gold (though not so much the one depicted, it has Stuttgart/Essen decorations), snug and flattering tailoring, and in general just very beautiful. And with proper Victorian tailoring on the inside, with a waistband and all. These are hardcore! 

2. Carlotta’s Elissa skirt. It’s strange, I didn’t worship this one when first worn in Stuttgart. But on Rachel Anne Moore it just looks spectacular. And it’s so gold heavy it’s ridiculous (you know I say that in a positive way, right?). Also, the FIT. 

3. Christine’s Elissa skirt. More specificially Valerie Link’s, which has the nicest tabs, but Lauri Brons wears a similar one. I just very much love the green-on-green, accented with a lot of gold. And the shape is so neat. 

4. The Madame Firmin dress. I love the glittering turquoise details towards the purple, and since the wearer Corinne Shaefer is super petite the already long backdrape turns into a sea of fabric behind her. Love-love-LOVE.  

5. The “civil” Hannibal Princess dress. Also worn by Corinne Shaefer here.  It has shaaaarp tailoring, with beautiful details in the most unexpected places (there’s a super detailed bow in the neck/back of the bodice, for example). And I love the colour combo. 

6. The Phantom’s suit. Cause again, the tailoring is sharp, and it looks so pristine. And I’ve always been a fan of those velvet cuffs. 

7. That Rococo rooftop dress. Cause it’s rare to see a rooftop dress that actually looks like a Rococo piece. And the fabrics are gorgeous. And it fits so well. And… I just love it so. 

8. The b/w 1st Managers dress. I know I sound like a broken record, but… the tailoring, darnit!!! Look at it. LOOK AT IT. I also like that it has a distinct silver tone to it, after the black velvet ones they did in Stuttgart and Essen. And look at the amount of jet black appliqués on the side drapes. Man.

9. The Star Princess costumes. They look splendid up close. They look splendid on stage. And the MOVEMENT of those skirts. It’s like waves in the sea. This photo doesn’t even remotely do them justice. Also, the skirts has heavy floral metallic fabrics just under the top layers, giving them structure. Makes them so lush. But the movement… aaah! 


Benedict Cumberbatch on set of BBC2 production of “The Hollow Crown: The War of the Roses” based on Shakespeare’s Richard the 3rd. 24-09-2014.

Books are like oxygen to a deep-sea diver’ she had once said.
‘Take them away and you might as well begin counting the bubbles.’
Alan Bradley, I Am Half-Sick of Shadows (via feellng)

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Benedict on doing a motion capture.

A cute lunatic.

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